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When You Succeed, We Succeed.

The Rekor Partner Program is designed to streamline the process of offering Rekor Systems solutions and increase your visibility into the sales, production, and implementation process.

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Benefits & Requirements

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Tools

Access marketing materials, events, PR support, and any additional marketing assistance you may need.

Sales Tools

Acquire information and materials on the latest sales and pre-sales.

Deal Registration

Register deals and review status on open opportunities with your customized deal dashboard.

Training & Support

Receive direct one-on-one training with the Rekor team to learn about the products and offerings.


"It has been great working with the team at Rekor. LPR is a critical component in our line of products...the decision was easy."

— Jeff Hislop, Chief Technology Officer, Tire Profiles 

Rekor Partner program

Let’s work together to offer the most innovative and advance technology solutions in the market today.


Program Overview

Rekor Systems offers three types of partnerships, because we believe there is value in diversity. Apply today to become a Rekor Ambassador, a Rekor Technology Partner, or register an individual opportunity within our partner portal.

Rekor Ambassador

The Rekor Ambassador is an integral and valuable addition to the Rekor team. As an ex-law enforcement professional, your knowledge, passion, and network will help grow the Rekor brand and help keep our citizens safe.

Technology Partner

The Rekor Technology Partner is a safety technology expert, already working with and selling technology solutions to law enforcement partners. We’ll rely on your expertise and experience to show the value of Rekor’s innovative tech.

Individual Opportunity

If you have an individual opportunity with a law enforcement, commercial, municipal, or education entity, but don’t often recommend Rekor solutions, we can work together to offer your customer a best-in-class solution.


Rekor Systems is looking for Technology Partners and Law Enforcement Ambassadors to evangelize our solutions and represent us with law enforcement agencies and municipalities around the Country.  We need your expertise and professional network to get our innovative solutions in front of those that need them the most, and those that can make the biggest difference by applying them.

You’ll be aligned with an internal Rekor representative who works in your region and assists with meeting, technical help, and anything else you need to help you to be successful. Simply register your opportunity in the portal, contact your aligned representative, and we’ll help you close the business. We handle the contract, setup and install, and when we get paid you get paid!

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